Add leads to your retargeting lists with every link you share

Put your social sharing strategy on steroids...

How it works

Beautifully simple

No fluff, stats & reports that make you a better marketer.

Pay for performance

Start with a free trial. Only pay when visitors are added to your retargeting lists.

$9 Per 500 Unique Clicks

( Free Trial - First 499 clicks are free )

Common Questions

How does TailLinks integrate with my retargeting solution?

How does the free trial work?

Do you have any fixed monthly pricing plans?

Simple. When you create your first campaign you'll copy/paste your retargeting tracking pixel into the TailLinks campaign builder. Setup only takes two minutes.

Once you signup and create a live campaign, your first 499 clicks are free. As soon as you get your 500th click you'll be charged the $9 (and every 500th click beyond that). You can cancel anytime.

No problem! Just contact us and we'll work something out that fits well for you.

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